Monday, November 24, 2008

Shackled by the Very Religion That Promises Freedom

I have had a good couple of months off from blogging so I’m not sure how many people will come read my blog now but that’s ok with me. To be honest, I have not had much of a desire to dig up old Mormon crap anymore so I took a step back to clear my mind. I think I’m done with the grieving process and really could care less about my past in Mormonism.

I now find myself feeling sorry for those that sacrifice happiness today for what they think will bring them “Eternal Life” when they die. It is my belief that they will be sorely disappointed when then they pass from this life to the next when they see how much more they could have enjoyed life living for today instead of what "could be" tomorrow. Many live miserable lives, shackled by the very religion that promises freedom. Blinded by the rhetoric spewed from the mouths of their leaders, they cannot see what they are missing in the world around them and do not realize that they hold the key to unlock the shackles that bind them.

For those willing to take off the blindfold for even a few moments and look outside of the prison window, a new world is opened to them. Light shines on their faces, bringing them warmth and comfort. The key glistens in the darkness. The more they look, the more they begin to see and their shady existence becomes evident. The outside world calls to them and even though they place the blindfold over their eyes again to try to block out the light, they can never forget what they had seen and it replays in their mind. Those who choose to go back to their old ways will try to convince themselves that it is better to stay bound and that they are truly happier that way but what they don’t realize is that others can see their misery.

Those who cannot ignore the daylight that now penetrates their lives offering clarity never experienced before often choose to take hold of the key and loosen the binds placed on them. Not sure of what the future holds, they step out of the darkness into light never looking back. For those who have spent most of, if not all of their lives involved in Mormonism, life outside is not an easy place to be at first but the chance to really discover who you are while finding your own path through life is certainly worth it.

I have decided to continue to maintain this blog in hopes that I will help at least one person to remove their shackles and start their journey to real freedom outside of a religion that wants nothing more then to keep you in the dark as to what they are really about.


  1. So this is what you were busy with while I was away all weekend ;D

    I love the way you write. It is so poetic.

    Thanks for sharing your is always a treat to get a glimpse into your soul.

    God bless you DOUG!

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed your newest post. Congrats on moving on in your recovery and thank you for keeping this blog open for others who may still be on their path out of mormonism.


  3. It's amazing, and impossible to comprehend while in those binds, but the love we receive from Christ is the best thing in the world! It's all I need to be happy!

  4. Hey welcome back! Glad to see you decided to maintain the blog. :) I enjoy hearing your thoughts!

  5. Well Soy Yo if there ever was a person who I thot was committed to mormonism it would have been you, before you stopped going to "church."

    At least a third generation mormon, were your ancestors part of the migration? I'd come over for a visit and be told that you were at the temple or out winning converts. If people had someone they felt they couldn't handle they'd call for you. You went on a mission. I suppose one could go on and on about how committed you were.

    So if you could leave, I think anybody could leave. A lot of people were and are praying for you and of course others who are still caught in the web of deceit and lies.

  6. Soy Yo did you see this or know about this? I saw this in that the Rlds no longer considers the BOM to be literally true:

    Also, the second largest Mormon church, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (RLDS), now called Community of Christ recently started questioning the historical nature of the Book of Mormon. For over 150 years the RLDS church supported the Book of Mormon as a historical record just as the LDS still do today. Its prophet, however, implied that the BOM might not be historical, i.e. there may never have been a civilization of Nephites, Lamanites, Jaredites, etc, in the Americas thousands of years ago.

    This declaration caused quite a stir in the RLDS church and many thousands of members split from the main body and formed other groups. The RLDS church now makes it optional to believe in the BOM as a literal history. Some people in the RLDS church still believe in the BOM as an historical as well as a religious document, but many others believe it to simply be an "inspired work" that has religious value but is not literal history.