Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too many thoughts and not enough paper

I know it has been like two weeks since I have updated the blog so I wanted to let everyone know that I currently have 7-8 half finished posts. I tend to be a bit distracted lately but I am working on finishing a few by then end of the week. Some of the topics I will be touching soon are…

-Changes to the temple ceremony
-The Law of Moses (or lack thereof) in the Book of Mormon
-The history of racism in the LDS church
(a series of 3-5 posts)

So check back this weekend.


  1. "I'm trying to find the source, but I read somewhere that recently one of the apostles stated that it doesn't matter if something is true, what matters is whether it's faith-promoting. Hmm..." Pip

    Now this statement by an "apostle" has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. In fact it is so palpably ridiculous that any thinking person would have to think it was made by a moron, not by someone in a position of authority.

    This is peter pan theology. Or should I say jim jones theology. So I would have to say that anyone who is a mormon and hears something like this, that yes they know, they have to know, that the whole thing is a colossal fraud.

  2. Hey, I've got some extra paper if you need it.