Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why does this video make me think of Mormonism?

I find that I am reminded of the way Mormonism works in some of the strangest places. Watch this video and let me know if you see it too.


  1. I see it too! When they say "shun the non-believer" that's hitting really close to home for me.


  2. shun shun shuuuuunnnnn the non- believer! classic! oh and the magical leo-pluradawn wow! you ought did yourself paralleling these two!

  3. The magical leo pluradon, I don't understand the significance. Could someone enlighten me? I was never, am not now, and by the grace of God, will never be a mormon.

  4. OK, that might be a bit of a stretch! Seriously that was just weird. I haven't ever used drugs, but I would assume it would make more sense if I was stoned. Kind of like music from the Doors.

  5. Have you ever considered all the satanic symbols on mormon temples? Chief of which are inverted elongated stars and pentagrams. It's almost like they're advertising that they are a satanic cult. All they're missing is a picture of the devil with a pitch fork in his hand. I think that like the horse in the video it would give you pause about heading off to candy mountain.

    I found a very informative site which goes into this in detail:

    Surely there are all sorts of things like this about mormonism that a mormon has to suppress.

    Of course it is not easy to go against all the training and desires of parents. It takes a lot of courage.

  6. Here is that website again, the word processor thing ate the last part:

  7. What I see in the video is that Candy Mountain can be looked at as a couple of different things. It can either be the temple, the celestial kingdom or the Mormon church itself. It looks sweet and full of “Joyness” and it is built up to be this great thing but inside it is really dark and hollow. The two unicorns are like missionaries or leaders and Charlie is the unsuspecting investigator/uneducated member.

    They hype the Candy Mountain and make it sound so great but along the way the things they say don’t really make much sense when you really think about it like following what the Magical Leo-Pluradon says. When “Charlie” reaches the point where they want him to enter Candy Mountain he is not sure he believes it or buys all the hype but he enters anyway because the other two have made it sound so great. When he does finally agree to enter look what happens. There was nothing good about what was inside.

    The song really says it all and mirrors the idea many Mormons have about life within Mormonism…

    “It’s impossible to wear a frown in Candy Town.”

    I disagree with that statement from firsthand experience. Many people, including myself, feel like Charlie. We got screwed by believing the wrong people and the LDS church got away with a vital part of our lives. They take what they want by any means possible and care little about those they take it from.

  8. This video can pretty much be about any organization you dislike.

    I saw parallels to football camp personally.

  9. Pentagrams have been used by many different religions throughout history. The pentagram used to be the official seal of Jerusalem. It was used by early Christians to signify the 5 wounds of Christ. The Mormons use it to signify the Morning Star (Venus) which people incorrectly associate with Satan and which Jesus himself claimed to be in the book of Revelations.

    If you were to map the points of Venus every eight years, you would map out an almost perfect pentagram which is why it is associated with Venus, the morning star.

    And yes, satanists use the pentagram as well, but you cannot say that it is exclusively satanic, especially when Christians used it long be satanists did.

  10. The Christians never used the inverted pentagram though. In fact, it wasn't inverted until "the burning times when the Christian church burned alive or hung hundreds of thousands of innocent people, (and) the meaning of the pentagram changed. It began to symbolize a goat’s head or the devil in the form of Baphomet. ‘The folk-symbol of security - for the first time in history - was equated with evil and was called the Witch’s Foot.’

    The inverted pentagram once again popped up in the 1830's now associated with the occult. I believe that during JS time the upright pentagram (which Christians had previously used) was not being used by anyone, as pagans/Wiccans today use it -why didn't God tell JS to reclaim one of the early symbols of Christianity? Why do Mormons reject the symbol of the cross?

    Okay, this is all very off-topic. I've just seen this post but can't access the video at work. I have seen it before but it might have been with a different dialogue...I'll have watch again.

  11. You know why the inverted pentagram is on some of the older Mormon temples?

    Because it is also found on Catholic cathedrals and other European church buildings. During the construction of the Salt Lake temple, Brigham Young sent out teams of artists and craftsmen on trips to Europe to study the architecture, sculpture and design of European churches for inspiration.

    That's where the symbol came from. Inverted and everything. And that's it.

  12. I find the inverted pentagram thing to be a distraction. I am not sure why they are there and it really isn't that relevant to me. What IS relevant is what goes on inside the temple. There is a reason mormons are forbidden to speak about the temple ceremony outside of the temple, and it has nothing to do with "sacred not secret" it is because if they openly spoke of the rites and rituals that went on in the temple, they would never get past the first discussion with investigators.

    Mormon temples are pretty on the outside, but a perversion of the Old Covenant temple on the inside. Like whitewashed tombs, they appear holy on the outside but inside are full of nothing but death.

  13. seth,
    Your post is interesting. I thought I read somewhere that Joe Smith said it was revealed to him by Jesus to use that symbol on every temple (which it is), but I can't remember where I read it. I'm not saying you're wrong, only that my experience in researching the matter differs from yours. Do you know where I can find the info about BY and the expeditions to Europe?

  14. Seth and pip,

    Both the Kirkland and Nauvoo temples were built or started during JS's lifetime. The Kirkland temple does not have the inverted pentagram, the Nauvoo temple does, so the pentagram could not have been the result of an architecture study performed for the SL temple and the pentagram is not on all the temples.

    A tidbit. The Kirkland temple does not have sealing rooms, a celestial room or a veil. The Nauvoo temple had all these. Note that the Kirkland temple was built prior to JS becoming a Mason (who use the inverted pentagram) and the Nauvoo temple was built after.


    I think the inverted pentagram is a result of JS's masonry.

  15. You may well be right there Bishop Rick.

  16. Now I don't know that much about masonry or mormon rituals, but I believe that masons did or do have blood oaths about all the strange rituals that they do.

    Now JS seems to have been a plagiarizer par exellence. And it sounds from soy yo's description that a lot of the mormon ritual is masonic: all those hand grips and bringing your elbow to the square, etc.

    I wonder if the masons didn't have something to do with JS's death and the subsequent exodus.

    And don't mormons figure out that what they're getting in the temple is second hand masonry?

  17. oh pops, I love you! for real, I love your honesty and your questions. I don't know about converts but born & raised Mos aren't taught about Masonry so how would they recognize the masonic rituals? They've been taught that these are the restored ordinances from Jesus Himself through Joe Smith. And I have read (don't know how true it is) that at least some of the people in the "lynching mob" that killed Joseph were Masons -that had recently kicked Joe out of their society- that were angry with him 'stealing' the rituals and stuff.

    You are correct; I incorrectly remembered the statement I read. The inverted pentagram is NOT on every temple, but it is found on the outside of most temples. "...the Salt Lake City temple has one over every door and window in the building...The official reason for this is because the founder of
    the Mormon church, Joseph Smith, said that he had a vision from God that this was to be a design on or in every temple." Thanks for the info Rick!

  18. I've heard the same thing that pip describes about Masons being part of the lynch mob, and like pip, I'm not sure of its accuracy. One collaborating thing I've read is that JS yelled the Masonic distress signal as he jumped out the window. He would not have done this unless he recognized Masons in the mob. I can't confirm that JS actually yelled the distress signal, but I have read about.

    It makes perfect sense to me though that Masons would be upset about JS revealing sacred Masonic rituals to non-masons. If the rituals are are true, then the penalty would be death.

    Lines up.

  19. I have also heard that about the distress signal and jumping from the window. Additionally, I read that at the time of his death, Joe was wearing a Masonic pendant -don't remember which one or what it represented. I'll have to look into this.

  20. Hey Soy Yo, where'd you go? We miss you.