Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The best part of waking up is Starbucks in your cup!

This morning I had my first freshly brewed cup of coffee from our new coffee maker. We bought the coffee maker on July 4th and I finally got around to taking it out of the box last night. Having never made coffee before, I felt the need to read the instructions (which I usually never do). I set the timer, added the coffee and water and waited like a kid on Christmas Eve to see if it would really work. 6:00 this morning the smell of Starbucks Breakfast Blend started to fill the house. I did it! I brewed my first cup of coffee! How silly does that sound coming from a 30 year old man?

“Starbucks® Breakfast Blend is light-bodied and light-roasted, and it will imbue your morning with its essence. This blend makes a bright impression as it sparkles and dances on your tongue - a sign of crisp acidity. A mild and flavorful coffee awaits you.”

As I poured it into my Winnie the Pooh Christmas Mug (that up till now was reserved for hot-coco), part of me was excited while the other half was nervous. How much creamer do I add? What about sugar? I don’t want to make it too sweet but if I don’t put enough in…yuck. A couple shakes of creamer and 3 tea spoons of sugar later, it was done and there was no going back. I was late for work so I had to run out the door without being able to taste and modify if needed. Knowing that it was going to be hot, I let it cool down a bit and then I took my first sip. WOW! It was good! Not bitter, like I had feared. Instead, it was smooth with just a hint of sweet. I did not notice the earthy taste till after the cup was gone but by then I was hooked. I wish I would have given myself more time at the house to drink it because I could have easily had another cup.

We got the “half-caf” because we know that Amy cannot take it full strength yet. For me, it seems to be just enough to perk-me-up and get me moving. I don’t feel jittery or overly stimulated which I guess is good.

Its funny how for years, I grew up thinking that coffee was such a bad thing. When you actually read about the benefits, you see that it can be quite good for you because of the high levels of antioxidants. Even the high level of caffeine in coffee has been found to help reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease. It also has a tendency to reduce the affects of Type 2 Diabetes by improving the body's response to insulin. As with anything, moderation (a few cups a day according to a study done by Harvard University) is the key and you should only drink the amount your body can handle but it seems like the idea I had in my head about coffee was opposite of reality.

As I was drinking my hot cup-of-joe in the car, I remembered this movie and I though it was perfect for the situation.


  1. Wow. You are ahead of me. I didn't start drinking coffee until I was in my 50's. My parents were not Mormon and they drank coffee religiously. My sister and I would look down on them for their folly. I can't count the many times people would ask me to go for coffee and if I did, I had a Pepsi. You know what they say, you can tell a good Mormon by the temperature of their caffeine.
    Now that the research leans toward coffee and tea actually being good and of benefit, the church seems to say: The word of wisdom is more about obedience than the health benefits. Okay, right!
    Drinking coffee has added to my enjoyment of life. The fact that you can't drink it fast, means many moments of reflection and relaxation. That is why it is so cool to meet for coffee as opposed to meeting for drinks.
    My husband says that the way I make coffee, I should just drink hot chocolate. But I like that coffee is less in calories and tastes better. When I don't brew the coffee, my favorite coffee is Taster's Choice, (but only the vanilla flavored one) two packs of Splenda, one little tub of Coffee-mate and a squirt of whipped light cream. YUM..

  2. Oh my seriously hilarious post. I remember being in target on 4th of july laughing about our age and finally getting around to getting a coffee maker. We literally looked like retards. Which one to choose which one? I have to say that when it went off this morning and that smell came through the vents I was pissed. It stunk so bad.

    But after reading this great post I would listen to that noise and smell that smell everyday for your reaction of happiness.
    I love that you enjoyed your first cup and maybe that will be the help you need in the morning to perk you up.

    Here's to many more happy coffee mornings.

  3. Don't pass up on the premium roast coffee from McDonalds. It is great.
    Starbucks, is a little too bitter for me. I like my coffee milder. Kudus to I Hop and Dunkin' Doughnuts, too. I also like some of the coffees (you can brew & grind your own beans) from Montana Coffee. Huckleberry Rules!
    There's a whole new world waiting for you.

  4. Coffee is fine, but tea is where it's at. Try some green tea. Oh and green tea is really trendy. If you say I just had some green tea everyone will look at you as some kind of wise super health person. Say something profound and you will have sealed the deal.

  5. Doug,

    What can I say? I, of course, being the Queen of Coffee, had to say that this is by far, my FAVORITE post you have done! So glad to see that you have researched and are noticing the benefits of this drink. I like what K*tty said about the "reflection and relaxation". That is actually what it is about.

    You have to slow down to have coffee, no matter how much in a hurry you are, it is hard to make that drink too quick. Which makes it wonderful to have with your spouse or a friend!

    Your wife's comment is a hoot! You all will get used to the smell and as a matter of fact, start taking deep, cleansing breaths just to catch that wonderful aroma wafting through the house early in the morning. Yes, oh yes, I could make a commercial on this one!

    Congratulations on your newfound freedom of coffee and let me know if you would like to delve deeper into "the Bean"!

  6. By the way, I meant to say that the clip you posted is one of my faves, also!