Monday, April 7, 2008

My source for the story of Bishop Snow

I have had some people request my source for the story regarding Bishop Snow and the young man he castrated due to disobedience. The account appears in a book written by John D. Lee who was part of the Mountain Meadow Massacre and was a good friend to Joseph Smith and part of the leadership of the church. He was also an alleged member of the Danites. The Danites were a group of men who were the enforcers of the laws. They would protect the leaders of the church and quietly take out those who opposed them. Many acts of Blood Atonement in the early church were also attributed to the Danites. There are different historical views on the extent of the actions of the Danites but none deny that they did in fact exist.

The full text of his book is available on-line by clicking the link below. This story is found on page 284-286.
Confessions of John D. Lee, Photo-reprint of 1877 edition


  1. Thanks for the source. I've heard about the blood atonement business and I think that there was even a movie made about it, I'm not sure. Do you have anything on that?

  2. Hey Doug, it's Julie here. I just found your blog. I'm at a loss for words that you consider yourself Agnostic. It fills me with panic for you. Doug, I know that when you see your beautiful little girl and your loving wife and life know that God is here and REAL. I am so sorry that you have been hurt. You are now at the top of my prayer list. I pray God heals your heart and you are filled with the love of Jesus. You are a smart, wonderful man and I pray for your soul to find the peace you are searching for. I love you and your family!!